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Vision and Mission

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  • Strengthening farmer’s competitiveness
  • Increasing the productivity in agricultural industry
  • Strengthening win-win strategy of rural and urban communities
  • Strengthening knowledge and competence following global environment
  • Establishing business framework concentrated on customer satisfaction

Growing future generation in agriculture

  • Promoting to increase the number of returning farmers and make more people to live in rural area
  • Promoting agricultural high school/university students to work in the agricultural industry
  • Training a next generation of farmers and Strengthening their competitiveness

Training professional advanced farmers

  • Increasing practical education
  • Strengthening competitiveness of each agricultural commodities’ advanced farmers
  • Designating agricultural Meister and making it fully utilize

Establishing the framework of agricultural human resources

  • Promoting use of agricultural education portal system
  • Establishing assessment/feedback system of agricultural education
  • Supporting the policy establishment and communication of agricultural/rural area education

Promoting ICT convergence in agricultural food industry

  • Developing ICT convergence model in agricultural food industry
  • Supporting the expansion of ICT convergence in agricultural food industry

Spreading information knowledge in agricultural food industry

  • Providing and spreading customized agricultural food knowledge
  • Opening public data and increasing its utilization
  • Supporting agricultural entities’ informatization

Supporting the framework of knowledge based agricultural policy

  • Analyzing the database of agricultural entity information and enhancing its utilization
  • Developing and sharing the information knowledge of rural area including farming and fishing
  • Establishing Smart Farm Map and supporting its utilization

Spreading the agricultural value sharing between agricultural and rural area

  • Sharing the value with a public
  • Sharing value through filed experience
  • Establishing the marketing framework in agricultural food industry

Building the new image of agricultural industry which has promising future

  • Enhancing the recognition of the prior policy in the government and MAFRA
  • Enhancing the recognition of the convergent Sixth industry policy and get its support from a public

Increasing Korean agri-food consumption in Korea

  • Promoting balanced dietary life with rice
  • Promoting the consumption of high quality and safe agri-food
  • Strengthening the policy communication with consumers

Support international trade and cooperation policy in agricultural industry

  • Reform the framework of international information system
  • Building a supporting framework in international trade and cooperation policy with specialty

Building a framework of international cooperation in agricultural industry

  • International cooperation to adopt advanced agricultural technology
  • International cooperation of ICT in order to response food safety in developing countries

Creating advanced business strategy framework

  • Modifying and complementing business strategy framework and make spread ‘EPIS framework’
  • Strengthening HRD system to improve expertise of EPIS members
  • Making fair compensation system based on outcome and capability
  • Designing rational ‘wage peak system’

Strengthening responsibility management and ethical management

  • Making advanced Labor-Management Relations
  • Enhancing participation of the board members to the organization management
  • Earnest Implementation of government policy
  • Creating integrity culture in the entire organization